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Agorα:  in ancient Greece, an open space used for public meetings or assembly

About the Project

Collaborative Virtual Learning Environment for European Rural Communities

Welcome to our online community for European Rural Schools!

Our platform is designed to support schools and teachers in rural areas across Europe, by providing access to a collaborative learning space

Teaching in rural areas presents unique challenges, and that’s why we’ve created this space where educators can share best practices, discuss common challenges, help each other, and access to a variety of resources to support their teaching activities.

We invite you to register to access all educational tools and resources

Members Benefits

Register and enjoy all feaures of the Community


Join and create groups expanding the Educational Community across your own team


Exchange Knowledge and Experiences with other members of the Community


Search, join and create Educational Projects with Teachers, Schools and Institutions of Europe


Educational resources, lesson plans and other relevant materials to rural students

Virtual Classrooms

Collaborative virtual space in real time where rural Schools can support each other

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